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Minimum Required Tools


When creating any product for publication, there are a few must-haves. You may choose which specific programs to use – but you’ll need at least ONE in each of the following categories. Please note the programs and apps I mention here are nowhere near the only ones available. They are, however, some of the most popular ones.


This goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway. To build a book, it takes a computer: for writing, formatting the interior, designing the cover, submitting for publication, and generally managing the business of writing.

We post computer recommendations on our Facebook resources page, the Design Resource Hub.



You’re gonna need some type of software to write that book, before you get around to covering and formatting it. (If all you’re doing is cover design, it’s fine to skip this one.)

This post links to several writing tools available, including both paid and free options.

Interior Formatting

When it comes to compiling a book, one size – and one program – does not fit all. What works best for writing a book doesn’t necessarily fill the bill for formatting a book, either for print or for digital publication (eBooks.)

This page links to several tools available to format book interiors.

Cover Design

Design Software

As you might have guessed by now, it takes a different program/software to design a book cover than it does to format a book’s interior. There are several options, from the excellent to the so-so – and some pretty darned good low-cost alternatives to the one you know is gonna be first on the list.

Check out this page for some of the more popular alternatives.

Graphics Resources

When perusing top-selling books, pay attention to the imagery. A book’s cover is one of the top two selling tools available to an author, and cover graphics are a huge factor in the mix.

But where do you find the images to create a cover that’s both genre-appropriate and licensed for commercial use?

Reach this page for a few options.

Typography and Fonts

The other part of a fabulous book cover is the font: the text for title, author name, etc., can elevate or destroy the effect of a cover. For details on where to find amazing fonts, check out this page.

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