This is a page dedicated to helping YOU design better covers and publish better books:

This is affiliated with the Facebook mentoring page Book Cover Design 101. While there are a few affiliate links here (which means if you make a purchase, it may earn me a few pennies – usually literally so) – but most are free resources.

This was originally an outlet for me to sell book cover designs. However, due to health issues I was no longer able to keep up with orders. I still wanted to continue mentoring others, though!

Please note while I recommend as many free or low-cost options as possible, for some things the free options simply aren’t viable. I’ll explain, in those instances, why I recommend a paid program or page.

“Pro” in “Custom Cover Pro” means I’ve both got my own history in cover design, and also gleaned advice and information from countless others who are professionals in the business.

While I’ll link to writing resources, as well, the focus of this page is the design aspect: primarily covers (hence the name), but also interior design for print and eBooks.

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