Your Book Cover Is In Good Hands

Welcome to Custom Cover Pro. You’ve come to the right place to get a well priced professional book cover created with a quick turnaround. With more than 25 years experience as a graphic artist and marketing specialist, I’ve got your book cover design, well, covered! We have many, many images that are exclusive to this site, thanks to an on-call professional photographer. Since most book cover designers select from stock images, there’s always a risk that cover images will overlap. You might find your book cover image is identical to someone else’s book cover image.


When you choose one of our exclusive images, you can be certain you won’t see it somewhere else on the web unless it’s tied directly to your book or website. We can even take requests. Please note that we’re located in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, so we can’t readily take photos of snow country on short notice. We do, however, have several snow-based and winter-based images on hand from visits to snow country, and we’ve got a number of props saved to create still-life style arrangements that can grace your book cover.

All of our customers’ ebook designs and web banners will be featured in a separate gallery (coming soon) which links to your book. If you provide us a link to your print version we’ll feature that as well. For those new to how your book gets found online, every link to your book and its page is a promotional tool that impacts how your work shows up in search results.

For the fastest turnaround, select one of our pre-made covers, at their introductory price of $80. Let us know the name of the cover you want and we’ll update it with your book title and author name. Once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours. That cover’s taken off of the pre-made list and moved to our Customer’s gallery. Click on the Pre-made Gallery category at left to peruse pre-made covers, or simply scroll through the pages to see for yourself some examples of what we can do for you.

Didn’t find what you want in the pre-made gallery? Not to worry! We can build you a fully custom cover for your book, whether print or eBook, and make it just the right one for your content.

Web banners and print covers are strictly custom made and always will be, because the parameters are provisional on your book’s finished size and number of pages, and in the case of the web banner, the page layout for your site. I’ve personally designed literally hundreds of websites over the years, including some for television and radio studios. While I no longer design the entire websites, I can assure you that we can create just the right banner size to meet your website needs. If you’re using WordPress for your website management, I can even make recommendations as to which themes are most mobile-friendly and other details.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to working with you!

L. Doornbosch
Custom Cover Pro