Books I’ve Designed

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One of my most unusual projects to date was a book by Wendy Rose Williams, called Regression Healing I: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor, and the World War II Soldier. I designed her cover for both the print and eBook version, in addition to formatting her manuscript for both. (Yes, I can do that too.)

This cover required a fair amount of image manipulation to get it into just the right state. It was a very specific, non-fiction context, and we went through several images before finding the right one. We were both pleased with this one, which conveys the mystery underlying a cycle of human reincarnation, as brought out in one of Wendy’s sessions with a client.

I hope to work with her again in the future, as this is the first of four (and potentially more) in the series.

Wilde and the Witch

This is cover one from a set of three for the same author, L. J. Winters. We worked cooperatively for just the feel and to maintain a degree of continuity in the look of the people on the covers, who carried forward across all three in the Soul Scavengers series.

L. J. Winters writes paranormal romance and wanted covers that both showed the romance aspect and also depicted her location for each book in the series. This first one was set in a haunted, abandoned property on a remote Canadian island. We worked together to select just the right images.


His Wounded Rose

This is book 2 in the Soul Scavengers series by L J Winters. We again sought out the images that suited, both for her characters and for the background image. Her setting here was another haunted spot, but the ghost in this case was a woman and Ms. Winters wanted her cover to convey that feminine energy.

I had the pleasure of reading each of these books as I went, as well, but the author’s vision ultimately took precedence over what I would have envisioned.


Superstitious Feelings

And finally we have book 3 in the Soul Scavengers series by L J Winters. This one was a little different, because her book’s location was in my proverbial back yard!

We had an extra challenge with this book, because the heroine was pregnant AND we still wanted to keep the character looks similar enough to pass for the same people. The next one – and I think there’s another scheduled – may feature a different set of characters from this textured series. I hope so!


Finding Keepers

This is my own book, so permission to post isn’t an issue. I chose this design because I wanted something simple with a bit of whimsy, which was the gist of the book’s style.

Its color was the right choice for a book on finding romance and the font was selected for its clean, clear lines. The writing style is whimsical and conversational, which required a clean, simple design and simple text. I considered a script font and the addition of an ink pen or fountain pen between the title text and the finger-people, but decided it would be too cluttered.

My author website is at


Wizard or Warrior

Wizard or Warrior is now live and just wrapped up its blog tour! It’s a companion book to Finding Keepers.

It’s also my plan to combine my two books cited here into one joint print book (since both are realistically too short for standalone print editions, plus the print version is going to contain a workbook addendum.) Once that’s live I’ll post the mixed cover here as well.